Class of 2022

2022 student films and reviews

In the summer of 2022, Portugal Film school welcomed students from four continents and countries as diverse as Brazil, Egypt, the UK, Denmark, USA and more.

 We worked hard and had a lot of fun! Below you can check out the short portrait films made during the course. Hope you enjoy them… you can do it too!

Portugal film school provided me with an amazing hands-on experience and opportunity to work side by side with industry professionals. It was a short but very intensive program during which not only did I learn how to interview, compose a story and align it with the footage, but I also ended the course with my very own first documentary. This was an incredible and unique time to connect with likeminded people and share ideas. 

Lia Vinogradov (USA)

What a wonderful, inspiring two weeks! We worked hard, learnt a lot from motivating professionals and had immense fun throughout. I came away with enough skills to start experimenting on my own. For me this was a key first step towards a film making career. Thank you for the best and most productive two weeks I’ve had in a long time.  

Giovanna Vaccaro (Italy)

Thanks to Ton’s dedication and the professionalism and kindness of all teachers, we learned in a small group the fundamentals of making a documentary with the aim of having a short portrait film by the end of the course and each student had the chance to discuss with the teachers what they individually need for their future project. It was indeed an eye-opening experience on many levels to meet people from different backgrounds and age groups in a magical place like Alentejo.

Sarah Ehab (Egypt)

These are the student films from 2022

a film by Lia Vinogradov

a film by Sarah Elraheb

a film by Marieke de Veer

a film by Nicole da Cunha

a film by Naaz Hussein

a film by Giovanna Vaccaro 

a film by Helga